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OD work from above or below?

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I need to work on my OD. (‘41 120) I have previously pulled engine, transmission and OD in one unit from above when engine was rebuilt and reinstallation went fine.

Now, only the OD needs work. Is it reasonable to pull OD and transmission from below ? (I do have “instructions”  in a  Thompson Manual for “39-’48 Packards.) When I look at the geometry, it looks pretty shaky. I also reviewed the EconoDrive Training Book 

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On the '37 120 (similar transmission, except cane shift and no overdrive), it's very easy to pull the transmission from below. With the cane shift, you have to remove the floorboard to pull the top of the transmission, then remove everything else from below. I imagine on a column shifted model, it might be easier. Also, with your all steel body, no floorboard to remove! :)

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