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1929 Buick Roadster

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I am working on a 29 Standard Roadster that has a Holden body Is there any one in Australia that has restored one and has photos of the woodwork for the last 4 feet of the body Also photos of the hinges that Holden used for the Dicky seat 

Others have had a go at this car and its a bit of a mess. Need photos of the main bearers that run along the chassis and any cross timbers as well Thanks Ron


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Hello Paul 

No cobber I am not a member of the Buick Club I have taken on the job of redoing the timber framework of the body and it has been hard as I only have 3 pictures  The work that was done previously was very substandard I am slowly sorting out the jigsaw I do need pictures of the dickey seat hinges though 

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The 29-24 roadster was an Australian only car.  I run a Club for 1929 Buicks and have 22 listed in the Directory.

Send me your email (to <Bill@29Buick.ca>) and I'll send you the list and contacts and we should be able to get you some help.


Bill McLaughlin

1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club

Toronto, Canada

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