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My Latest Acquisition: 1938 Chrysler Royal Coupe

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Coming up to four months ownership with my ‘38 Chrysler. Its been a very good car. I’ve been tinkering away at it, continuously making it better.  My wife joins me for a weekly cruise. Sort of date night.  We Head out. Grab a coffee. Chat in the car, get caught up on life and work. We both are quite busy in our lives. I find that we need to get caught up a couple times a week, at least. 

My wife likes my Chrysler. She’s not a “car” person in general. Cars are really just a necessity for her mostly.  Yet I can tell, she is a little fond of this one. 

Here’s a shot from our cruise last Sat evening.  The car is just wonderful and running really well.  There has been no second guessing the decision to purchase this one. 





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1 hour ago, Jeff Perkins / Mn said:

Thanks for the update! We have used our Chrysler for an “unwinder” cruise as well.

Jeff, I'd love to see a few photos of your Chrysler, out on a cruise! Feel free to post here, or email me. Thanks,



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