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‘62 Convertible top wiring schematic


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I have acquired my late aunt’s ‘62 Skylark Convertible she bought new in California. I can’t get the electric top to work. Is it fused, if so where?  Can I get a wiring schematic and a mechanical schematic for the top?  If so, where?


thanks for any help

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The convertible top info, including wiring, is in the 1962 Buick body manual. There is also a separate chassis manual for that year. You can find them on ebay or from auto literature dealers like Faxon.



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2 hours ago, Terrapin69 said:

I can’t get the electric top to work.

Absolutely get the book, but in the meantime DONT EVEN ATTEMPT TO PUSH OR PULL ON IT!!!!!

You will break something.

Convertible tops use a hydraulic pump behind the back seat and rams on each side that do the actual lifting.


Up until the mid 60s they were typically filled with brake fluid. This fluid dried out and jams up the pump. You can open up the pump, clean it out (the motor is typically fine) then purge the rams and refill the system with automatic transmission fluid, which the auto makers started using in the mid 60s. 

Brand new pumps, hoses and rams are readily available, but kinda pricey. 


If you feel that you must lower the top, disconnect the rams from the top linkage (pins held with clips. Might be tight to get to, easy to remove) and let the rams fall back into the top well area. Then you can raise/lower the top by hand using one person on each side of the car. 

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