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New Buick guy

John Smeltzer

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Hi early Buick lovers 


after reading this forum for a long time I decided to join. 

Seams like a lot of good people with helpful information 


I have several vintage cars so here’s a picture of the 1926 Buick I picked up last year.

l believe it’s a one family owned car that was parked in 1949


take care 




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10 hours ago, Servin said:

Nice car man! What’s the story trying to restore it? 




Im not sure what I am going to do with it 


I wasn’t looking for another car but this one found me


its so complete and original I couldn’t let it get rat-rodded 


I am collecting parts for now and would like to get it running and driving and leave the exterior in as is condition.

thats the way I like them 


I am also working on my 1925 Hudson, it had sat in a barn for 70 plus years and I  almost have it ready for the road.

 I have spent a LOT of time on the Hudson bringing it back to life and not making it look like it has had a LOT of work done 

l have the same plans for the Buick 


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What a great photo and pickup! But looks like the area there is beautiful where what that photo taken? But yea I have a 26 I just picked up too and exactly I didn’t want the car turn into a hot rod/rat rod looks more perfect as is hope to see the progress you will be doing in the future the only thing missing on mine now is the timing gear cover so unfortunately the search continues but great to see what you have!

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I live near  Salisbury NC and the picture of the Buick is at my house 

and the picture of the Hudson is at the Denton Farm Park in Denton NC.

the steam  locomotive  ( not mine lol) is a 1942 Porter


as for progress on the Buick it will be slow but I will post  when it happens. ( didn’t need anuther project)

right now I am focused on the Hudson.


 It was your thread that got me to post mine so I will hopefully learn more Buicks from following your progress.


have fun and keep posting your progress 




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36 minutes ago, Morgan Wright said:

The vacuum line off the manifold splits and goes 2 places. One to the vacuum tank as usual, and the other goes off behind it. Is that going to an early vacuum windshield wiper? 



Yes it’s for the vacuum wipers 


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   Welcome to the Buick Forum.  Please include in your profile your city and state, and the year and model of your Buick.  You have a good car to start with.   

Also adding a link. Please see my write up on new Buick ownership as it pertains to your car and gives some insite into areas that will need to be addressed.   I especially like the front bumper.  Slightly different from others I have seen and ads a distinctive look.      Hugh       



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Thanks for the information and the link. I will work on editing my profile.

 I am not very computer friendly so I struggle sometimes with it


And Ben

yes it is a Lyon type A 

front bumper 

almost  almost indestructible it is had a repair on it at one time 



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that’s a great looking car and I really like your accessory lights


I also like the Lyon ad 


 Although I don’t think marketing firms can get by with what type of advertisement today

 ohh how the times have changed 


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On 5/3/2021 at 3:35 PM, Morgan Wright said:

It says Long Island City but shows a picture of downtown Manhattan. They probably wouldn't sell any bumpers if they showed Long Island City. YECH!


Long Island City is just across the 59th Street Bridge from Manhattan,

separated by the East River

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12 hours ago, Morgan Wright said:


Yeah, and it's ugly.


That wasn't always the case. There was a time when it was a decent area.

Back in the mid-late 1960s, Wilhelm, a neighbor of mine in Colonia, NJ who had bee trained in Germany, operated an import vehicle/sports car repair shop in Long Island City, NY. 

He specialized in Porsche while his partner specialized in British cars. When he needed a longer road test, or had to break-in an engine overhaul, he would drive the Porsche home to Jersey in the evening, and back to the city the next morning, sometimes with an evening run through the Watchung hills. I sometimes joined in, or rode both ways with Wilhelm, avoiding the commuter bus or train. I also car-pooled for a while since five of us worked in the Time-Life Building at 50th Street and Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave).

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The Queensboro Bridge is a heavy-duty bridge with lots of truck traffic, because it runs into Queens Blvd and Northern Blvd, the trucks bring in noise and smoke, it's heavy industry there. Most of the big taxi fleets had their cars there for easy access to the city, some of those fleets had 150 or 250 taxis. I drove for 2 of the fleets in the early 1980's, the fleets I worked for, all they had was Checkers so I drove a checker cab every day. Those are good because you go to the front of the line at the airport if they get a party of 5 or more (limit 4 on regular cars). Checkers could hold 7. Just like my E-49, maybe I'll paint it yellow. When Checker went out of business in 1982 my fleet bought 600 of them! We were putting brand new Checkers on the street as late as 1985.

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Hey all,


New to this forum and came to see if I could find any information on Buick Speedsters.  My father was a master mechanic for a Buick Dealer in Oakland California for over 50 years and in the late 1020's had a speedster picture below.  I do not know what ever happened to it but I think it was unique in style and maybe even ahead of its time.  It appears to me to be based on a 1926 Buick and had a master 6 engine.  The side panels on the cowel look custom because they are not vertical and everything after that looks like custom coach work including its boat tail.  Also note the rare E & J headlights.  I want to recreate this car but was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a parts car or frame to start off with.  Thanks for your comments on this.






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