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The arm rest on the left door (where I rest my elbow)  has developed a number of serious cracks. Although the area is less than palm size, it does look ugly and I'm looking for a remedy. I tried one of those leather repair kits, but it just made it look worse. I talked to an upholstery repair shop, but they said they'd have to remove the entire door panel to fix the problem, and the cost would be @$350. Obviously I'd want something less.  Any suggestions?

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There may be people on this forum that have a good door panel. 

Tan is the most common interior .....

88-89 door panels are the same....... 90-91 door panels are the same.

What year and color is your interior. 

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A number of years ago I went out to my local you pick and as luck would have it there were [and still are a number of Reattas there. I asked before I did it, but as the seats were bad the rear side of the seat is vinyl. I sliced off the back and used that for my console lid. Vinyl was still supple and of course was a perfect match.

Another good idea is to grab the head rests. Parts of them are leather and work perfect  for bolster patches. And because they touch are heads the pick up the oils from our hair and are in great shape.

Gr8scott I know there is a "nice" '88 tan door panel out there. The arm rest is good, but some one broke some of the attaching clips, and there is a crack at the skinny end of the door panel [the end near the door handle. And there is a horizontal tear along the door bottom [can't see it when the door is closed].

I already have it off the car and behind the seat [Some one took parts off the car and left the door open. Fortunately I cam along and closed the door]. It won't cost much, but it's the freight to get it to you. 

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