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What size 21" x ?? Tires on a 26 coupe?

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Hello Folks,

 I'm a very new owner of a 26 coupe , I will be picking it up this Saturday and 3 out of the 4 tires are shot, I don't want to to drag or try and push it across the 3" ballast I have for driveway stone so I want to replace all 4 tires and tubes before I unload it. I did purchase the proper tool for the split rims.


What tire size is correct for the 21" wood Wheels. also for the inner tubes are the valve stems centered in the tubes or are they offset?

 One last question, what size are the Headlights suppose to be 7" or 8" someone at one point installed a set of the tear drop lights from a deluxe..



Thank you in advance


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Hi I have 21" tires on my 1927.  I have wire wheels but my outer rims were shot so I bought a set of wood wheels for the outer rims so they should be the same as yours.  My tires are 4.50 x 21". I did have two larger tires on the rear when I got the car.  They were 5.50 x 21" . I just purchased new tubes for mine from Eckler's Automotive/Mac's Auto Parts.  They were listed  for a model A but they fit fine.  Centered valve stem.  All four tubes plus shipping for less than $100.  Pretty awesome price compared to other suppliers who wanted that for one tube.  Good Luck.

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If the rims have the split across them, you should also install rim flaps, NOT rim liners. The rim flaps cradle the tube and keep it from getting pinched in the split. The tires may already have them installed. They really are protected inside the tires so if installed should still be good. If you are unsure how to use the rim jack, do a search of "mtfca; rim jack".

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18 minutes ago, TonyAus said:

The correct size is 5.25 x 21. (Chambers, Dave. 1914-1964 Dodge Brothers First 50 Years. Antique Automobile November 1964.

That's good to know.  The tires I have came on the set of wooden wheels I purchased to get rims to fit my wheels.  They fit well but look a little skinny for the car.  I'll be happy to go bigger when it is time to replace them.

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Thank You guys for all the help!

  Unfortunately it didn't get to come home today but we have the fingers crossed for tomorrow? It's only 5 miles from home but getting a time that fits both our schedules is proving quite the challenge..


The hard part will be figuring out what I'm going to do with it.. I had to have it but don't have the desire to restore it and don't want to see it cut up into a rod..


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