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1940 Bombardier B-7 Seven Passenger Snowmobile

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I always wanted a Tucker SnowCat and this is sort of the same idea. 




An early example of the 7-seater Bombardier, we take its date from the Flathead Ford fitted, which sits in the 1941 model year sequence. The vehicle is understood to have been in service at a ski resort in period or later prior to its arrival in this collection.

The charismatic 'Auto-Neige' snowmobile is presented in very fine order and was clearly the subject of a restoration prior to acquisition. Much of the woodwork finishes have been renewed, seats refurbished and the engine and running gear appear to have been refurbished also. As such, the vehicle is an exceptionally pleasing and fascinating static exhibit, and an example of a model which is perhaps unknown to most. When acquired, it was in running order and in preparation for the sale, the B7 has been recommissioned and is reported to be driving once again.


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