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Went for a ride today

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Took the Lincoln out today, thought I would give it a good shake down to see how things are going to work after all the work I did on it. It was 175 miles round-trip. I have not filled it up with gas yet to see what kind of fuel economy I got. I’ll try and do that soon I hope. But I took it over Highway 152 in California which goes over Pacheco Pass you basically start a little above sea level and end up going over about 1400 feet it’s a freeway or highway and the speed limit 65 I ran the Lincoln about 63 miles an hour and it did real well.  I fluctuated the speed from 62 sometimes 70 and back did not overheat didn’t lose any water and ran fantastic. The temperature was 86°. Looking forward to traveling up and down the coast a little bit in it.

The photograph at the lake is San Luis reservoir. Man-made lake that they pump water from the Delta into it in the winter and use it during the summer for irrigation. They generate electricity when they drain it back to the Delta.

Happy camper!




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Great photos Lynn! Probably a most nerve-wracking drive doing a big shakedown. 175 mile jaunt should have revealed any items to address. Many happy motoring miles to ya.

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Thank you for the comments. I love the car. It fell in love with it when I first saw it.


I did have one thing that happened to me, I’m going to relay it to Matt. There is a ignition switch, it’s leaver activated, it just puts the power to the coils and then you have a button to push for the starter. When I was about 150 miles into the trip  on my way hone I passed through a town called Santa Nella, I got a phone call pulled over and shut it off, Chatted for a couple minutes then started it and pulled out in the traffic which was bumper-to-bumper for a short ways and it died. I reached over and hit the starter and it was nothing, it starts literally in one second. So I knew something happened. I checked for spark and there was nothing. So I flipped the starter switch on and off and reached underneath and touch the wires, there are two terminals,  the out going wire terminal (not the wire) was hot enough that you couldn’t put your finger on it. I ended up flipping the switch on and off several times and it started, when I got to a better spot to stop, I remove the wires and looked at them, other than showing their age the terminals looked OK. From that time on they remained cool and it ran fine. So I have something going on inside that switch causing resistance. I’ll have to pop the switch apart and clean it, I doubt if it’s ever been done.


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