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Question about a 1931 Pontiac...??


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I assume you mean 1931... ;)

Cable brakes.  The 1931 had Midland Steeldraulic brakes.  They are a single shoe brake.  They work very well and are easy to adjust.  You just need a special pliers to adjust.  They are fairly common on eBay.

The ‘31 did not have synchromesh in any gear.  The 1932 Pontiac had synchromesh in 2nd and 3rd.  That was the first year synchro was in a for Pontiac.

The engine is rated 60 HP at 3000 rpm.  With the differential ratio (4.55 to 1) and tire size speed is approximately 20 MPH per 1000 rpm.  So at 45 mph you are only running at about 75% of rated RPM.  I have both a ‘30 and ‘32 Pontiac and 45 MPH is a very happy speed for these cars.  I have taken both of them up to 50+ for short distances on the California Freeways (at times of minimal traffic).  The ‘32 has a higher hp and operating point (65 hp at. 3200) and will cruise comfortably about 5 mph faster than the ‘30.  I have not driven a ‘31 so I can only do the math and figure it would be very similar to a ‘30 based on the specifications.


I have a website:     Pontiacsplithead.com that has reference material for ‘26-‘32 Pontiacs.  I have an operators manual for ‘30 and ‘32 on the site as well as sales literature for ‘30-‘32.  The sales literature has pretty detailed specifications for the cars.  Check back to the site from time to time because I am going through all my literature and am trying to post new content weekly or at least a couple of times a month.


Do you have one of these cars now or are you thinking of one?


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