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passinger front turn signal doesn't work


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3 hours ago, padgett said:

If you short the output terminals on the relay socket does it come on ? Do you have a flashing signal on the coil ?

yes the bulb works when i jumped the relay.its not getting the signal from the turn signal module or broke wire.also the dash indicators blink twice and then stay on.coil?would a 1986 riv module be the same?

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 i went there today.the car has been there two weeks and of course the only part missing from the car was the turn signal module.the headlight sw looked great and i brought a battery to check it.the headlights,parklights and off worked great.too bad i didn't check the light dimmer switch.i would have bought it anyway to have rebuilt.same with the wiper switch,intermittet doesn't work.that might be because its a 1986.the windshield was busted above the cluster and it was rusted up so i left it.the tv screen was the old type with touch outer buttons.the car had a short somewhere and my battery wires got hot fast so i couldn't check anything else.i would have liked to get one of the fenders to compare to mine but i would have had to remove the hood.the car wasn't wrecked but the front trim was severely tarnished.the front bumper looked like aluminum.i also grabbed the wrong color seatbelt receivers. Vehicle Inventory | Charlotte | LKQ Pick Your Part

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