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Reproduction 1928 - 29 Front Fenders


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Unless your a good body man,I would avoid any new steel front fenders for the Model A.

There are plenty of vary decent original fenders around . Many cast off and good fenders are more and more available from the breed of pseudo Model A hot rod builders that buy a very good car,rip off the fenders ,running boards and hood ,bolt the head lamps on the frame horns then add 16"rims.

" oh look at me,I built a Model A hot rod.."

Which is a car no better then a 16 year old with no skills and no money would do in 1955 with the car aunt Martha left him .


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From what I understand, there may be a small fitment issue where the fender meets the splash apron. I think that the curve has to be reworked some, but I'm not positive. Check on the Ford Barn or on one of the Model a club sites, there's a lot more activity on those.

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