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1922 Buick Temperature gauge

Barry R

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Guys just about finished my restoration, but how does this work.

when I took the top hose off inside was this sender unit. A elderly man told me “that’s rare, don’t damage it”

I took the modern gauge off. There is no power to the sender or gauge. There is just a thick copper wire that is shielded by a braided wire.


I put the sender in some boiling water and nothing happened.

surly it most have some power going to one end.



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This is a "mechanical" temperature gauge.  They do not require any electrical power input.  They work on the expansion or contraction of a gas or fluid in the tube linking the sender bulb with the gauge dial.  There are several people restoring  these gauges. You might try Williamsons Inc 479 369 2551, John Wolf 440 942 0083 or The Temperature Gauge Guy 802 862 6374 

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5 hours ago, Barry R said:

I thought the ether ones had a tube to the gauge.

this has thick copper wire shielded in a steel braid.

Actually... That is not a wire. It's a copper tube protected by a braid.  it's a thermometer. Heat the bulb, expands the stuff in the bulb up the tube, pushes up the meter.

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