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1955 International pickup D 100 NEED HELP !!

Cliff White

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Trying to find a FLEX PLATE for this truck . Yes , a " FLEX PLATE " this truck has the Silver Diamond 220 engine and an automatic transmission . Does anyone out there know of one or can give me the dimensions of one . Mainly diameter and tooth count . Please some one help . Somehow the one to this truck has disappeared . We are considering machining a flywheel to replace it but I need a tooth count and diameter .


                                                                     Thanks , Cliff White .

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I haven't seen an International pick up with an automatic in years. Cool project. Totally worth the effort to save in my opinion. The ones we had on the farm were standards. Here's a place for you to look.  Old International Trucks • International Truck Parts For Sale 

Here's another one. IH Parts America.

Also my want to chat with others at Red Power Magazine. Lots of knowledge there.  Red Power Magazine.  

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