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Graham Detroit Lubricator help wanted


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Working on my Detroit Lubricator information.


According to Graham factory parts manuals, Detroit Lubricator CR51-1030 (Graham number 78496) was used as original equipment on models 57, 57A, 63, 64, and Blue Streak.


Does anyone have a car that they are certain the carburetor is original that could post a picture of the data plate (bowl cover)? I do have a photocopy of the parts book for this unit.


Also need information on several other Graham Detroit Lubricator carburetors. Need copies of bill-of-materials from parts books, and a picture of the data plate.


Thanks in advance.



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I have samples of Detroit Lubricator carburetor data plates for Graham:










Are there others?


Would delight in matching these to the exact car year, model, and series. 


Have pretty well documented ALL of the Detroit Lubricator carburetors for everything but Graham.


Please help!



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Graham-Paige ditched the Johnson carburetors in late 1928 early 1929 they even recalled some of the Johnson's.


The Detroit lubricator numbers indicted the GP Model car... no one has ever figured out the -1,-2,-3 numbers?  It could be series number... basically a new car came out every 6 months, big changes every 12 months.  The 612 configuration lasted 3 years, so it could have had 6 suffixes?


GP Model 612 (612-5)   (six cylinder, 112 inch wheel base) 1929 second series -1931 first series

GP Model 615 (615-4)   (six cylinder, 115 inch wheel base) 1929 second series-1931 first series

GP Model 619  619-1

GP Model 621  621-1

GP Model 827 & 837 837-1  (eight cylinder, 127 inch wheel base)

GP Model 645   645-1

GP Model 646    646-1

GP Model 822  822-1

GP Model 53  (653-2)  (six cylinder, 115 inch wheel base) 1931 second series


You get the idea


GP Model 57, 57A, 64 seem to have gotten stuck on 849-1, 2 and 3 known  (maybe the Blue Streak project was originally a model 49?)

The GP 58 and 65 also used a 51 carb but the small iteration I think it was a 649-1 number?


Now is it clear as mud?


F33-1 no idea, what is the bolt spread?  maybe a replacement carb?






1930 Model 46 so this one should be 646-2





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Graham Man - THANK YOU!


I have been trying to attach series numbers to the suffixes, but never thought about the fact that some models lasted more than a year.


I believe you have my answer.


Two different folks have told me they have a Model 65 with the F33-1 plate.


EDIT: PM sent



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