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1926 Buick standard


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Hello guys I have a 1926 Buick standard and need help finding parts I need timing cover fan hub assembly and water pump I’m new to the site so I’m post everywhere to spark something up if you have any info or parts I would really appreciate it and hopefully we can do some business thanks for reading 



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I will PM you on the water pump.   

Also adding a link as I do not know how much junk has entered your engine with that cover missing.  You also have issues just with the engine having not run in some time.  Please see my write up on new Buick ownership as it pertains to your car and gives some insite into areas that will need to be addressed.  Welcome to the forum.    Hugh       




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 I have already spoken to Servin on the phone. Yes, he needs the full 20s Buick owners indoctrination course. Mark Shaw had already tried to connect him with my running 1925 Standard engine that is still in Marks garage. I had to explane the differences between the 2 units. I have included the 2 photos of the 1925 191 cu.in engine in Mark's garage below to help him with identification.1538806367_00i0i_21V0QlDB2tC_1200x9001.jpg.638671d9b53fcf764806b9c4e3fcb746.jpg




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If Larry's 1925 engine won't work,  ( and I'd rather see that go to a good home)  I do have a 1926 Std  engine available.

It's not complete( missing valve cover and exhaust manifold ) but  likely has all of the parts you need. 26's have the water pump attached to the back of the generator . I know the generator is there but I can't recall if the WP is there or on the shelf .Best thing is, unlike 25's, you can buy a WP ebuild kit from Bob's !

'26 fan blades ( wider blades) and hubs  (squarer) are slightly different than 25's

I have not taken it apart so I have no idea what is inside but the outside is covered in a very protective coating of finely aged grease and grime!

One thing is,  I don't want  to part it out and be dealing with left over pieces.

The other thing is I'm in Vancouver, BC

Where are you located?


Please remember there is currently a slight COVID issue with the border right now but I have my fingers crossed on this summer. I don't think you want to pay LTL cross border shipping prices right now!

If you are interested, let me know and I'll try to get some photos and send you a PM.



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