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Running Light/Signal Light Dilemma ‘37 Special

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Here is the link to the discussions regarding the headlight switch and the multi beam system.

When I stepped on the dimmer, the drivers headlamp went out completely, instead of going to a "low beam" or a "cross beam" situation.

I finally found a good restored headlight switch, but have not installed it yet.  Being I never drive at night, it hasn't been an issue so far, but its on my rainy day list.

Bloo is correct that one of the internal "triangles" is shaped differently and if they are not in the correct places and orientations the system doesn't operate as designed.

Good Luck with it!



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 Even after rebuilding the switch mine does the same thing. The drivers side goes out. I usually drive at night with the switch pulled fully out and the high beam on so I have both lights on.


How my switch was. Those darn triangle contacts!


 I filled the burned areas with epoxy and polished the contacts.DSCF1980.JPG.a9f22ff5304b2fdc8f8c28a852963fc7.JPG

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