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Hassler Snubbers (Shocks) on 1928 Chrysler a Plethora of No Information

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So it appears that Gabriel was the snubber of choice because looking for snubber information on this site seems to lean in that direction.  Aside from the endless requests for snubber webbing, McMaster-Carr appears to have webbing at 1 1/2 inches wide which may provide a substitute, there is nothing about Hassler snubbers that I could find regarding maintenance, servicing or ???  Could someone who has worked on these please provide some direction about restoration, strap replacement, mounting and providing proper strap tension? 


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I used the Andy's shop in the thread. Great guy. He has a webpage. Give him a call. Best, Ed




edinmass, Hi, I can rebuild or supply you the strapping for your snubber shocks,  Strapping 1 1/4  or 1  1/2  is $1500. per ft   

                    Can rebuild for $200.00 each   Andy's Garage    andygarage@comcast.net       www.wiseandysgarage.com  302-245-7276

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They are basically simple. I sent mine to Andy as we are busy and the learning curve at the time was not appealing. I’m certain he can handle them if all the parts are there. They are just “nuts and bolts”.........no mystery. After decades, I have learned that guys who have years of experience can knock out things easier than I can. No learning curve. Andy was great............call him, and work with him......he will get it done.

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