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How to find original owners family

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Hi,I have the original title with the person name who bought the car for my 35 Buick. I would like to contact a family member so I can send them a picture of the car. I doubt that the original owner is still living.It was bought in Maple Park,Illinois in 1934 by a man named Geo Dauberman. I tried the people search  but little luck.Thanks.

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Try this google search   "  dauberman maple park illinois  "  I see that there is a street name of that surname.  Perhaps the local historical society may be able to assist with family that may still be in the area.  Often if you start with the least amount of detail you can start to narrow your search down from the initial search results.


Good luck, and don't give up!



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No need to engage with the historical society. I think George T. Dauberman's records are on Ancestry.co. He lived from 1876 to 1963 and resided in Kaneville, about 10 miles from Maple Plain, He was from an old and well-established farmimg family and was managimg a farm there in 1940. Sti;; workimg 75 hours per week at age 65 per the 1940 Census. You are too late for his kids Earl {1911-2001} and McClellan (1917-1996}  Earl lived, farmed with his dad and died in Kaneville and per his obit has a daughterHe leaves now his daughter and some very close friends there. His obit is at https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/5820367/earl-dauberman George's is at https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/159803617/george-thomas-dauberman 


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17 hours ago, Buick35 said:

I have the original title...It was bought in Maple Park, Illinois in 1934 by a man named Geo. Dauberman. 


11 hours ago, Peter S said:

I think George T. Dauberman's records are on Ancestry.com.  He lived from 1876 to 1963 and resided in Kaneville...


Peter, that is excellent information which Mr. Buick35

can add to the car's documentation!  It's great to find

historical facts such as these.  What a boon for the

current owner.


Did you find all that information through Ancestry.com,

or some other website?

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Hi, John


Yes, I mostly used Ancestry but I also followed its internal links to other sites like Find-A-Grave, which had the tombstone photos and obituary text. Realistically, Ancestry pulls a lot of information that's available for free on other individual sites under its own big tent, but it makes searching so time efficient that i don't mind subscribing. Find-A-Grave ( https://www.findagrave.com/ ) is a very useful free site that allows searching literally millions of graves by person and cemetery name. Most, but not all, have tombstone  photos. 


Peter S.

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