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F.S. 56 Chrysler windshield trim clips


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For Sale. .....New repro clips for lower W/S trim. Fits 56 chrysler. MAY also fit DeSoto. When I restored my 56 these clips were rotted and I found they were made from unobtainium. With no other choice I made the dies and fixtures to reproduce them. Since then I have made a couple of sets for friends and two folks who found, when they removed the trim to fit a new wind shield the clips were also rotten. That's very commonly the case.

With some time on my hands I just made 3 more sets. They likely will be the last.

They are pricey but considering the amount of tooling required, the fact they are made one at a time ( no punch press with a progressive die set beating them out 2 per second ), and the scarcity of them they are fairly priced.

I include two pix including a comparison with originals.

55's are a bit different but with a sample clip I MAY be able to repro them also.

Price is $100 for a set of 9 plus postage..............Bob




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