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1933-34 Chrysler CA 6 motor for sale

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I have a 241.6 c.i.d. motor (big block with full water jacket) 93 hp complete EXCEPT for manifold.

Has Ball & Ball carb, starter, generator, everything EXCEPT manifold for $400.00.  Very clean!  Turns freely.

Am located in central PA 100 miles west of Hershey.  Contact 814-327-9473 or gibbsjayne@atlanticbb.net. 

33 Chrys motor side.jpg

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Hi Parrish, I'm good with my motor but I'm hoping you can help me out with a head lite stand for my 34 Chrysler Ca Sedan. I need a passenger side.

Mine has a crack across the top and before I try repairing it I'd like one to fall back on. Do you have one or know of one I can Buy?    Harry   973 202 9250   Thanks in advance.

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