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Are these 1941 Lincoln parts ?

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I am trying to ID a few Lincoln parts or so I have been told.   There are a RH & LH rear axle housings.   12 bolt hoes,  10" diameter,  bearing race 2 1/16", 26" long from center section flange to outside backing plate flange.     There is a number on the inside   68 4016,  is this a part number of a factory number.?        The pinion gear is huge compared to my experience with Model "T"s, "A" and early V8.

        A 12 leaf spring 42 1/2" center to center shackle hole, which is 1 1/8 ".  A brake drum .   

        Thank you .   Gary

DSC01948 (1024x576).jpg

DSC01949 (1024x576).jpg

DSC01950 (1024x576).jpg

DSC01951 (1024x576).jpg

DSC01952 (1024x576).jpg

DSC01953 (1024x576).jpg

DSC01954 (1024x576).jpg

DSC01955 (1024x576).jpg

DSC01956 (1024x576).jpg

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