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Screen in fuel pump bowl


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I have 1932 Buick series 50 and took bowl off fuel pump to clean and there was no screen , is there supposed to be a screen in there if there is where could I purchase one thanks

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No screens that I know of in 1932.  Sediment is supposed to settle to the bottom of the Bowl.  No screen listed in the master parts manual.


Correction:  there is a screen under the outlet.  
At the top of the fuel pump there is a brass nut.  the screen should be under this nut.  
There is also a screen on the carb.  on the bottom just under the fuel line inlet there is a brass nut with a screen above this nut.


the screen are a tube shape.


I'll see if I have examples tomorrow morning and post pics if I have them.


Bob Engle

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Many early AC fuel pump used a screen above the sediment bowl. The cars that i worked on had already had it removed. Restoration Supply Escondido CA has a screen intended for the sediment bowl.

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