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Mexico City Driving Adventure

C Carl

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I have loved Mexico City since visiting there on a road trip with my parents in 1954. They were long distance car campers, and dad had set up his new 1950 Willys Jeep Station Wagon for such exploration. Mom spoke Spanish very well, so we could really get into it. As you may know, the metropolitan area of the valley, is one of the largest, most populated cities in the world. It has been so for hundreds of years, going back long before Cortez, and the conquest of the Aztec cannibals. As such, and really being the “Capital” of Latin America, it is a place of endless fascination for all who delve further into any aspect which attracts their attention. I learned, and became fluent in Spanish, and took the “family tradition” to another level entirely.


If I fly off to another country, I almost always rent a car to do my own thing. I have driven my own , now antique , vehicles, (1977 Blazer, and 1971 “Baja modified” Cadillac Eldo convertible), into Mexico City as part of much longer trips, but you don’t really need a car there for most interesting sightseeing. Public transportation is excellent, and cabs are plentiful and inexpensive. You could rent a car for certain excursions, but in the times I was flying in on vacation, you could rent a car and driver all day long for less than a self drive. Having a guide opens up opportunities to more deeply and efficiently explore, and give certain level of protection which may come in handy. A couple of the fine drivers at my service when staying at the Maria Cristina were Pancho “Frank” , and Vicecente, “Vince” the cabdrivers.



      BREAKER.  BREAKER. BREAKER. as per the lead into what I am writing here, (please see Jack M’s problems finding a sales venue for his hot rod, and my suggestion he look to East L.A. lowriders), I mentioned that I am replacing a leaking hot  water heater. Guy is back to help finish, so I will post thiss for now so as not to have it evaporate. When we finish, and I am waiting for the tank to heat up and get my shower, I will be back for another driving adventure from the days I was strong and able. This will be G.P. rated, but does include a fair amount of drinking, made possible by designated driver , Frank. There will also be references to extreme corruption, including the violent ex-chief police of the Districto Federal, Arturo “El Negro” Duraso Moreno. Hmmmmmm.......... maybe we should rate it P.G. In the meantime, if you don’t know what “Pulque” is, perhaps you could look it up during this imposed intermission.



                     TBC right here,     -     Carlos El Cadillaqero

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Well, as far as I am concerned, the “thing” about mezcal is the WORM ! 

I had to go to my brothers house to get a shower. Still no hot water here. I am going to have to get some sleep now, but I have a pretty clear idea on how to proceed with the insightful anecdote I will flesh out above. Please hang in there with me. It is amazing what you can come across when off the beaten track anywhere.   -    CC

P.S. This picture was taken in order to have familiar objects show the size of the jackscrew. After all everyone has a handy mezcal jug.



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