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Looking for a 1936 Chrysler Airstream Overdrive Speedometer

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Hobby Colleagues,


With the help of someone on this forum, I have determined that my speedometer is not correct for an overdrive Chrysler Airstream.  It appears that my speedometer was replaced at some point and I need to find an original.


The first picture below is of the speedometer I have which is non-overdrive

The second picture below is of the correct overdrive speedometer that I am looking for.





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You guy are both in luck becasue the speedo is one of the last parts that get exposed to bad weather conditions.

THere happens to to be more than you would expect of these for sale.  As for the color differences noted, I'm wondering if this isn't just what happens to them over time.   

IF anyone has a reasonably priced clock, I would be interested...



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