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Riviera Owners Association/All GM Nationals


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I want to encourage those BCA members who own 1963-1999 Rivieras and have not joined the Riviera Owners Association(ROA) to do so.<P>The ROA relies on regional coordinators to arrange some small gatherings in their chosen region to create an interaction of its members. I have been a regional coordinator for a few years now and see how important a little nudge from another club member can be regarding the difference between hiding the car in the garage or bringing it out to show people Buicks are something of beauty to enjoy.<P>One of the events I have put on our clubs calendar is the participation of the NE West Virginia/Western PA ROA members in a first time ALL-GM National show in Carlisle, PA. It is a drive for me and the '66 Riviera GS, but that is the case for so many car lovers who attend Carlisle, PA events throughout the year. People come from everywhere!<P>Yes, I belong to the BCA #23060, but my focus in registering the ROA as a club was to show other GM makes the Riviera is alive and kicking. I am only fielding 1963-1999 Riviera registrations.<P>The chosen day for our gathering is Saturday, June 30th of the three day event. The club registration entitles us to a 20 X 20 tent for our headquarters if I register 25 or more Rivieras by May 25th, 2001. You do not have to be a Riviera owner in WV or PA to register through me. You just have to be a ROA member to participate in the early registration club/group package rebate program which I registered us for($5 back on each Carlisle registration enrolled through the group). <P>If anyone has questions about the ROA's participation/joining the ROA and registering as part of the group package of ROA members, please contact:<P>Barry Smith<BR>NE WV/Western PA region ROA coordinator<BR>Morgantown, WV<BR>Email bsmith@hsc.wvu.edu<P>------------------<BR>Barry Smith<BR>Morgantown, WV<BR>BCA #23060 ROA#1481<BR>Lee66-67Riv@webtv.net

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