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Booked for Hershey!


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13 hours ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:

Booked for Hershey yesterday, rooms still available in the immediate vicinity which is a little easier than the Lancaster area about 30 minutes away which we did for years.  Looking forward to it!!!

Were you able to contract the room for future years? 


We camp at the Hershey Campground Resort and sign a contract to lock the site to us. 



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We make reservations for the next year when we are there, but last year, when we cancelled, we made 2021s reservation at the same time. We were there in Dec for a meeting and things sure we're quiet. They are really looking forward to 2021.


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Terry - your observation about things sure being quiet............. most of us car types think of Hershey for the once a year "trip to heaven" we count on to be the one thing for us to keep our spirits up all the rest of the year. Can we all imagine what all these crazy  AACA old car people contribute to the local economy? The gas stations , restaurants, shops, bars, food stores ,( think of the overtime for employees)  etc. I know that they have large sports events that do bring in the crowds of people, but do they go on for over 5 days non stop and does the level extend to all towns, villages, areas at least within a 50-60 mile radius around Hershey?  Given the timing of the year the car show/flea market is held , this has to be the "holiday sale" time each year for the whole area so far as revenue intake is concerned. And everyone spending their $ is happy to do so because they save up for it the whole year. Consider how many people attend from Europe - fly into Philadelphia or New York then rent a car to drive to attend. I have at least 10 friends coming in from England and Germany each year to attend - you think you were disappointed it didn't take place last year, they sit on an airplane ( for 7 to 10 hours) after driving to get to an airport ( 2 hours+) to just make the journey. I am happy to say that they all visit me here on long island as well!


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