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Nash Ambassador Convertible -- Extra Pretty '48 on F/B in FL $42,500

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First off -- I don't know what the price should be on this convert, but I thought that it nice enough looking that some of you would enjoy taking a look. It's interesting how removing the roof from view shows off the body lines. It's done in quite tasteful and restrained colors, isn't it? It's for sale on Facebook in Florida. If you don't have F/B I don't know what you do to see it.


Marketplace - 1948 Nash Ambassador · Custom | Facebook


May be an image of car and outdoors


May be an image of car and outdoors

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Essentially a one-year factory series-custom body, no 1942, 1946-'47 Nash convertibles and the last Nash full-sized convertible.  I'd love to see a period photo of the convertible body production area, it had to be off the regular body assembly line.  

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29 minutes ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

It's surprising how that pale mint color looks so good with a Putty color.

And proves conclusively that not ALL convertibles (or restored cars) have to be RED!   

Personally I have given up on red. Other colors can be much, much more beautiful 

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