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Information on 1921 Oakland


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I just bought a 1921 Oakland, Model 34C I believe. The car is unrestored, mostly complete and a good solid car. However, I do need a generator and a replacement brush cap for the starter. I am sure I will need more items as I start the restoration. Any information on the generator such as make & model would help.

I also have a question concerning the cone clutch. The previous owner had started to replace the cone clutch with a modern flat clutch. He told me that the cone clutches would grab. I notice the original clutch lining is leather. Are there modern materials, such as Kevlar, that might work better and improve the operation of the cone clutch? Or would I be better off to finish the conversion to the flat plate clutch?

I thank you for any advice or suggestions you can give me.


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tudor26,  Hi, I can reline your cone clutch with Kevlar.   Call me to talk about your car,   It is $350.00 plus shipping to reline your clutch on the Oakland

                 302-245-7276    andygarage@comcast.net   Andy Wise

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3 hours ago, startergenrebuilder said:

Your generator should be a Remy 911-A

Are you missing the generator all together?

By Starter Brush Cap are you referring to the cover band or end housing?

I can help you with these items.


Hi Jason,

Do you have the capability to repair distorted pot metal end castings on a Delco Model O-F?  (1922 Stutz)



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hello Jason,

thanks for the information.

i am missing the complete generator.

My starter looks good except for the potmetal end cap. Thr sheet steel band is also missing but i am not too worried about that.


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Hi Dave

I have a 1919 Mclaughlin with a Northway Engine  

I have my cone clutch done up with Kevlar and it looks good but I haven`t tried it out yet.

The Northway engine was largely the same from 1917 to 1921. I have several parts engines and a good number of pictures.


There were different model numbers for different years on starters and generators.

I have yet to see a pot metal end that is usable from this era but there were models built without pot metal ends.


Where are you sitting on this project at this time?

Perhaps I can help.


Don Roubos

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Hello Dodge 1934,

I just saw your reply.

I was able to move the Oakland from storage into my shop a few weeks ago and finally look it over closer.

I have several projects ahead of it, so I am just looking for the missing parts.

Do you have a generator or starter that would fit this car?



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