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1933 Plymouth 5 window Rebuild

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The grill is held onto the radiator shell via some tabs on the shell that are bent over to hold the grill. Those tabs were not designed to be flexed more than once and are easily broken.


The shell with grill is held onto the radiator via some screws that hide under the anti-squeak canvas band (the canvas band is held on loosely enough with split rivets that you can push it aside to get to the screws).


I don't recall much if any adjustment between the shell and the radiator. But the radiator top position can be adjusted by the fasteners on the stabilization rods that go back to the firewall. So basically, you place the radiator in the car then adjust the rods to the fit of the hood is correct.


All the above for the PD. I think the PCXX is probably the same. Not as sure about the early PC.

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