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MotorcyclePedia, Newburgh NY

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I know this is an automotive website, and motorcycles may seem like it's outside the purview of an Automobile club. But this museum is worth your time. I have to be honest, I am not a motorcycle person. I like cars. I mostly went to MotorcyclePedia because it's so close, right across the Hudson River. But I LOVED it! It's one of the most jam-packed, sensory overload, everywhere you look there's something to see museums I've ever seen...and attending museums, not just car museums, is a passion of mine. In fact, I will go so far to say that this may be the best curated museum I've ever been to. There is so much that it took me three trips to see it all! 


From the outside, you don't get the magnitude of what awaits you...


then you go inside and see the first room, which has mostly custom motorcycles, (including a half dozen from Ed Roth), TV & Movie used themes, and so much more. (a portion of the library made it into this photo as well)



Just about every vehicle in the museum is labeled.



Once you finish the first section, you discover there's a second room, which is all dedicated to the Indian brand, including at least one example of every year of the company's existence! 



Then you discover there's a cavernous basement, which even MORE motorcycles, and some exceptionally rare cars! 



Including the actual motorcycle that was dispatched to the Roswell incident in 1947...


 a cycle from the ill-fated Dallas motorcade in 1963...



An apparently unrestored 1923 Federal truck is in the basement.


One of the few unlabeled things. Anyone know what it is? 


Have you ever seen a Velorex before?


How about a 1914 Henderson cyclecar?


or a Pulse? 



If you get tired, you can sit in original seats from the 1913 Yankee Stadium...


Here's an 1897 De Dion Bouton, said to be the oldest that still runs in the USA. 


Here's a general overview of the basement: 


This one is not the original, but a pretty good recreation:



They also several motorcycles you can sit on for a photo op sprinkled throughout the museum. Several sidecars as well. 




Pictures from my three trips to MotorcyclePedia: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 In total I took and have posted almost 1900 photos from my three trips there. I will visit again in the future. 


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Great find Billy, Kinda what my garage looked like a few years.......well not really!  Do you recall if that was affiliated with the AMCA, when I was an active member in that organization I recall they were putting a museum together in Newburg.


I have a buddy (he restored a couple of my bikes) that has a pulse. Interesting vehicle.

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