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Hello all!

I am not really a car guy, but I stumbled upon a horde of slightly damaged vintage auto parts in a junk pile(hubcaps, cigarette lighters, etc) and came out with this Ford piece. It was missing almost all of its paint, but going by the tiny bits in the corners, I did manage to figure out the original color combination. After 2 days of touch ups and paint, this is the result. Not perfect by any stretch of imagination, but when all you have to work with is a warped piece of clear plastic with shallow embossing(I have not gotten around to the chrome ring yet) and no guideline on what it is supposed to look like, it will never be perfect. There was no way to remove the old chrome paint remnants without damaging the plastic, so I just painted over it. It mounted on to something, going by 3 small rusty nubs on the bottom, but I have no idea what. Could someone fill me in on what this is, and what it came off of? It is about 4-5" in diameter, seems too large to be an ashtray. Thank you!


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