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WTB: Stutz 1922 Front Top Latches

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I need 2 usable latches that fasten the canvas top front header to the windshield posts for my 1922 Stutz KLDH Touring.

My rusty one is pictured below, and has a slider which engages the notch on the windshield post.  There is a coil spring that the post presses against, and another smaller spring that keeps the slider engaged until it is pushed to release.  Size is 2.5” across.  Don’t know if it is common to other makes. Any help is appreciated.
Bob Jacobsen






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Have you considered having a new one computer drawn up from your original and then a 3D pattern made to verify fit and then off to the foundry for a pair of new ones.  This new technology is certainly a help when it comes to sourcing parts that simply may not be available.


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