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Buick 1928 exhaust manifold need !!


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like in topic, im looking for exhaust manifold (look attachments for photo) for my Buick Master Six 28-50 with in-line six. Unfortunately us after "rebulid" in professional workshop looking like on photos... 

We have friend in Chicago so shiping is not a problem,


Best regards from Poland 











IMG-20210420-WA0007 (1).jpg



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I think a good welding/fabrication shop could save it.  You will know when you are at the right shop when they start talking about preheating the manifold before welding.  It will not be cheap guessing $300 to $500.  Finding a good used one will most likely be less expensive...if you can find one.

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Not that my post will help, but I wanted to comment on the measurements. HOLY COW!!!! 77" long manifold! 41/2" ports too! What a monster.





Everyone else, don't get your feathers ruffled, I realize measurements aren't in inches.

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