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Circa 1915 Baker Raulang electric car motor on Ebay for $250. Please find a good owner. Link provided

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Electric cars of the day used 78 to 84 volt motors.  Baker and Rauch & Lang merged in mid 1915 because the writing was on the wall regarding the decline of the electric passenger car.  The new firm looked for alternate business, including industrial lift trucks and tractors and industrial equipment, and also made auto bodies for other car companies.  It appears that the Baker Raulang name did not come into use for some time after the merger, officially in 1937, so I question whether this motor is actually as old as 1915.   The company continued to produce lift trucks and other equipment under the Baker Raulang name until purchased by Otis in 1954.   The seller could be correct that it is an elevator motor.  Definitely not from either a Baker or a Rauch&Lang automobile.

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