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4 GOODYEAR 16.50x16" bias ply WW TIRES

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4  6.50X16 BIAS PLY GOODYEAR  ALL-WEATHER DeLuxe tires. Fancy ribbed 4" white walls.

Wrong size purchased from Lucas Tire in 2019  $200 each current list is $250 

Unwrapped with blue protectant not removed. Message me. Located in Iowa 50632  30"x6"x20Lbs. for UPS quote.100_3324.JPG.9bdf4f9223426c5d4cf267e7dd3e950f.JPG100_3326.JPG.b5e0ebb59bdd0a1d3dd3cfd0eec1f546.JPG100_3327.JPG.99397c5f506080c7e8c9bfec883d940a.JPG

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