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Lighting setup for touring?


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I have several cars that either have carbide/prestolite/kerosene head and tail lights. I want to set up modern LED lights where I can see at night and people coming up from behind me can see ME!

Please recommend a kit that I can install good lights, turn indicators, and a horn would be great! I do have 12v systems in most of our cars.


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Have you looked at Logolites?

I installed their turn signal kit, brake and run kit, USB charger, and LED headlights. I haven't been touring with my car yet, but I am impressed with their products and ease of installation. I fastened their A-Plate on a fold down platform under the dash to make it easier to get to and so far...so good.




My Whippet Dec 2020.jpeg

Whippet tail lights.jpg



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Bill, there is no free lunch on this one. I just made a set up for my 1917 White. I use original of the era type lights, and make a removable custom harness. The lights all come off in under a minute each. The short leads to the lights are hidden under the car, and the entire harness is made from vintage materials, but removable in just a few minutes. It took twenty hours for the system on my White. I used 1917 tail lights with LED’s and now has very visible running and stop lights in the rear. I intended to leave these on permanently, and only remove the rears for the show field. The fronts come on and off easily, and while they don’t look great, I only intend to use them occasionally............like tomorrow night at the AACA tour in Florida that is starting on Tuesday. I used 1921 Chevy lights with modern reflectors and halogen bulbs, and can aim them so they are actually useful and safe for approaching traffic. Look close for the tail lights when they are not lit up. They are hard to see, which was my plan. Ed.






For emergencies, I use these lights............Snap-On magnetic work lights. They don’t provide much light, but make it safe to go down the road a short distance and make you visible to traffic.


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