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AACA Museum Hershey

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I have received at least one PM, I humbly apologize if I have stepped on toes here. I do remember there was a bit of controversy a few years ago. However I assumed it was amicably resolved. They prominently display AACA everywhere, so I suppose that is part of 'the long story'.  I dont need details.  I stand by my submission for all things antique car, and think its a great place to visit.  Mods If this is deemed offensive in any way to paying club members (of which I am one) please remove!

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Our club started the museum, supported it deeply for many years and it would not exist today without the club.  Our members contributed heavily to the museum.  We wish them no ill will despite what occurred.  We both have moved on.  The OP post does not violate any of our rules and as such no reason to remove.

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