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in case anyones wondering.

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10 hours ago, padgett said:

Believe it or don't it is in an insurance company's best interest to pay out as much as possible.

Then State Farm is on top of their game.  The gave me agreed value insurance for collector cars at a $15,000  value.  My major Antique car insurance company is "American Collectors" and they refused to insure it.



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What's wrong with American Collectors that they will not insure a Reatta?  I have been insuring my Reatta's with Hagerty for at least a decade.  And a few of mine have been insured far north of $15K in the past and I think the current coupe is at $12K and conv at $17,500

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I also have JC Taylor and my '91 Reatta is insured for $15K.  Also had the '92 Riviera insured through them for the same amount up until I sold it.  Had zero quarrels from them when I asked for a $15K value on each. 

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