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65 rear suspension rebuild

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 I'm getting ready to tackle the rear suspension on my 65 and had a few questions. Replacing bushes, springs, body mounts, shocks and while I'm there clean and paint everything. Got a few questions to anyone that has done this before.

 Mainly is where to put the jack stands? Manual says support the frame, but won't  that leave no support for the rear end when I remove the control arms except the shocks? I thought stands under the rear end and under the frame towards the rear a little higher with just enough pressure. Then when I drop the arm with a jack everything is supported and the arm can swing away. Also support for when I remove the panhard bar. 

And is the rear spring a possible missile like the front? Do I need to chain it down as i lower the arm? 

Is there a certain order to remove this stuff?

Have already done the front, the rear looks a little easier. I'm open to any and all tips or tricks as this is my first time around with this. also are there any measurements or angles I should be aware of or is there no adjustments needed to the angle if I unbolt everything?

Can someone let me know if i'm thinking about this correctly.

I know I forgot some things.

Thanks Joey


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I just finished putting in new rear coils springs in my 63. I chained my coils up tight.... most of the time. I have spring compressors and they did a good job. The front is suppose to be harder than the rear. Really, I can’t tell you how because it took me a long time. Other than using 2 spring compressors and being safe is the best you’ll get from me. I used grade 8 bolts nuts and washers. If you still need 2 rear shocks I have 2 Bilstein’s that are new never been on the car. $260. I’ll pick up the shipping.

Just be careful. 
I put jackstands under the car where there is heavy thick metal. Actually I double up with a hydraulic Jack as back ups to the Jack stands. I’ve got a lift with a rolling hydraulic Jack too.


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