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1940 BUICK Radio Pushbuttons?

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I'm hoping someone can shed some light on these BUICK radio pushbuttons.  I removed them from a 1940 BUICK radio many years ago. However, I'm not certain the pushbuttons were actually correct for for the radio. However, I do recall that all five of these pushbuttons fit the radio well, and were perfectly aligned across the front, when installed. 


All the spring securing clips are the same. Two of the buttons have some damage to their rears (not visible when installed on the radio), AND these two pushbuttons appear to be a slightly different color. The color difference could be from fading over the years, especially if a prior owner put together a set of pushbuttons from several different cars to create a full set for his BUICK.


So, BUICK guys, any input on these buttons will be appreciated: Are they indeed correct for 1940....could they be from a newer model year BUICK, or even post-WW II....? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks to all, in advance. John


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The same buttons were used over very few years. Buttons can look similar but differ in details such as a straight or sloping front profile. I will give you some specifics a bit later when I have access to my radios.

In the meantime you will find lots  of mostly correct information here: https://sites.google.com/site/identifyingcarradios/home/radios-1/buick-1

This extensive site is a depository for information on ALL brands of car radios. The link brings you to the Buick section.

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John ... The 1940 pushbuttons (likely from model no. 980620 radio) appear to be the same as all 1941's (model 980650)

and likely the same as 1942. In 1946 Buick had two different radios: model 980690 had pushbuttons the same as

the 1941-1942 models. This radio was on Buick car models 40, 60, and 90. A second 1946 radio (980744) was used on

Buick car models 50 and 70 and that one had the sloped buttons. They may fit but they are incorrect on a radio

with the square pushbuttons. Other models from 1947-1948 (980745, and 980798) had the sloped pushbuttons.

I have not tried to put a sloped pushbutton on a radio that had square ones.

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