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How generic are Chevy 6 fuel pumps

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the AC405 are out there, plenty of them. rebuilt a few myself. saw an NOS one on ebay yesterday. main issue as noted was the cap warping so it would not seal. but can sand/machine that flat if not too ad. think it was 31 or 32 they put on the vent on the top. also have to watch out for the lever arm wearing down and or the cam lobe that it rides on to work. 


Gary has a good selection of used parts and some NORS/NOS , Bob may be able to assist as well, from time to time he has one rebuilt for sale.


*Gary Wallace in Missouri
.....Website:Early Chevrolet Parts
.....Phone:(314) 293-1991
*Bob Marx in Wisconsin (Posts on here as marxparts)
.....Website:Marx Parts LLC: Antique and Vintage Car Parts
.....Phone:(715) 652-2405


if not let me know


few picts of the AC 405 that i rebuilt for my 1929




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