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Rollup Shades in My Grandfather's 52 Pontiac


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This car is long gone, but I have childhood memories of the 52 Pontiac having roll down shades on the two rear doors.  I remember them as being made of thin metal that had many holes stamped in it to let some light out but block the full sun.  They rolled up out of the way on wooden rollers.  I have not seen anything like these since grampa sold the car in 1971.  Were these a thing back in the late 40s and early 50s?



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An aunt and uncle had those on 1956 Country Sedan, 1960 Falcon, and 1964 Fairlane wagons. They also had those woven wire folding seat cushions that allowed air circulation between yer backside and the vinyl seat.


The 1972 Torino Squire with its curved frameless side glass didn't lend itself to those shades, but it was their first air conditioned car so they weren't really needed. Always thought it was cool you could see thru the slits in that metal screen.

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Not really what you are showing but, I remember going to an all Corvette show quite a few years back and saw what was described as a 1952 Corvette prototype and it didn't have glass windows but it did have curtains that were made of cloth. Haven't been able to find the car anywhere on the world wide interweb.

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Some years back my cousin here in central PA owned a 1949 Hudson 6 club coupe with a venetian blind in the back window. It was dark blue with an outside sunvisor and had large deluxe front & rear bumper guards. I'm sure this car exists today in someone's collection. 

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18 hours ago, Marty Roth said:

Dad's '52 Nash Statesman had the venetian blinds,

and I used it for dates at the Drive_in Movie


Hmmm - venetian blinds, drive-in movie dates, and seat that reclines into a bed.  Is there more to the story?  🤣

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21 hours ago, CHuDWah said:


Hmmm - venetian blinds, drive-in movie dates, and seat that reclines into a bed.  Is there more to the story?  🤣

there is always more to a story-

usually not as much as a teenager  might hope,

but I did have great years growing up in NJ & NYC, with travels, college years, Jersey Shore, and spending every summer playing in bands at Catskill Mountain resort hotels, driving great convertibles

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On 4/16/2021 at 1:33 PM, Ben P. said:

Studebaker offered Venetian type shades on at least the 1947-1952 Starlight Coupe - I do not recall if they were offered on other Stu models and no longer have my accessories brochure.


I have not personally seen a set on a restored car.


Oh wait, here ya go⬇️

Studebaker offered them as an official accessory, as well as awnings for the side windows:  Studebaker venetian shades for rear windows 1947-52 - Studebaker Drivers Club Forum



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29 minutes ago, rocketraider said:

Lived "Dirty Dancing", didja 🕺💃?


Still one of my favorite movies, and the Dirty Dancing Oldsmobile still exists!😎

 Dirty Dancing? One of our favorite movies also.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Interestingly, in my early years, I had the priviledge of meeting both

Jennifer Grey's father Joel Grey,

and Joel's father, renouned klezmer clarinetist, vocalist, and all-around entertainer Mickey Katz (still have several of his Parody records.


Yeah, I lived the Catskill (Borscht Belt - Yiddish Alps) summers life from 1953 through the summer of 1966,

typically working 9 PM to 1 AM, Wednesdays through Mondays with plenty of time at the pool, or to watch young ladies polish the fenders -

and no, that is not intended as a euphamism.

Summer of '60 I was driving my red '49 Pontiac convertible.

In '61 is was the black '54 Mercury convertible,

In '62 and '63 the Onyx and Crocus '56 Powr-Pak Bel-air convertible was the toy of choice,

and for '64 & '65 it was a red TR-3,

followed in the summer of '66 by the red '59 Alfa-Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce with real roll-up windows and black canvas convertible top -

a somewhat "civilized" change from the TR-3's always fun driving, but leaky side curtains.


In the early years I was actually too young, even to get Working Papers, much less to work where alcahol wqas served,

but being a musicians union member, big for my age, and wearing a suit or a tux in the band, I was able to "get by",

at least for a few weeks at a time, and then move to another group if forced out by local officials. 

Then again, there "might" have been a "gift" to an official.





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