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Reatta power window rollers


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hi. Replacing power window motor and the 2 top rollers that move in track are frozen. Tried lubing with lithium grease and then a thicker grease... but still wouldn't move. Thinking this is the reason the window is still slow. Can you buy new rollers? 

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You can probably get new rollers.......however when you get the part out to replace the rollers, you can probably slowly work them 

and add lube, and get the originals working faster than you can replace them.... the only reason to replace is if they are cracked, broken or have flat spot worn on them 

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Very easy solution

I sell quite a few motor/regulators and have struggled with the sticky wheels for years.

No amount of cleaning or greasing will work.

For a few years I would heat the metal on the back side of the wheel with a torch and as the metal got hot it would start to melt the plastic wheel and when the wheel started to turn freely I would quickly douse the wheel and ball with water to cool it off. This sometimes took a couple of tries before getting the wheels free.

Last fall having nothing to lose i pried a wheel off the ball and ran a 3/8 inch drill through the wheel and snapped it back on. The wheel stayed on the ball socket nicely and the wheels turn freely.

I then did it too all my regulators on the shelf and all are good and ready for use.

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