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thermostat housing

Guest blazer1997

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Guest imported_blazer1997

Information on removing thermostat housing 1989 reatta.

I can only locate one bolt on this housing, and does in pull straight up or rotate to remove.

All housings that I removed had two bolts on other GM vehicles.

Having low heat temp staying at around 134 when on the interstate.

Purchased a thermostat 180 deg. hope this helps.

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Your car must have the 3800 engine. GM saved thousands of dollars eleminating the stud and nut.

After you remove the single screw, wiggle the hose side to side and up and down and it will come out. There are a couple of gasket designs, some cars take two and others one. Not really gaskets but more like "O" rings.

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Yup, one bolt. now, the trick is to get the housing off after you've removed the bolt. The T housing dovetails into the intake manifold, and is sealed with an O ring. With age, these tend to not want to come apart with ease, so, yes, gentle prying, wiggling, and twisting is the drill. Put some silicon on the O ring on reasembly and some anti-seize on the bolt.Sounds like your 'stat is hanging open.

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I just finished installing a 180* in my coupe.

Be advised that reassembly is a lttle difficult. The top housing wants to install cocked because of the one bolt design. This was difficult for me to digest so I asked Padgett who told me that they all installed cocked (about a 1/16th of an inch) and do not leak. He was absolutely correct - use a long screwdriver (being tender and careful what and how much force you apply/pry on) to help level the housing while torquing the bolt.

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