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1929 Pontiac Marvel Carburetor


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1929 Pontiac runs great on level ground but loses power going up hill.

Due to lack of available parts, I am leary about fooling with carb.

Any suggestions on how to increase power.

I have been told that the Marvel Carb should be swapped out for something else.

What carb would be a good swap?

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10-157 was used on the 1929 Pontiac with a 200 CID 6 cylinder.

10-160 was used on the 1928 Pontiac with a 186 CID 6 cylinder.


If the castings are good, use the 10-157.


Don't use the 10-160.



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Fred can not open my pictures on this site?   I can see them, will one of you let me know if they are visible to others? 


Fred, I have also sent the pictures to your  email. 

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