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Oakland made into a two wheeled trailer

David udf

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I inherited a two wheel trailer that was made out of an Oakland. I need to have the bearings checked and regreased but apparently need to get new gaskets/seals once it is opened. Any clue where I can find these. Any other advice is also appreciated.

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I am not familiar with Oakland, but on the Moon I am restoring, which was made in the same period, all of the seals around shafts were made of leather and the gaskets were cork. All of the leather seals were reusable for me. The only seals I upgraded were the inner wheel bearing seals, where I used modern lip style seals to do a better job of separating the bearing grease from the gear lube. The major hurdle I ran into was that the axle tubes were not precision machined to be round to accept this style seal. I ground it the close I could to round and used some RTV on it when I pressed it in to fill the gaps. I wouldn't get too carried away with making all of the seals perfect. To my understanding, a major factor that keeps the grease and oil in the axle is the high viscosity. Bearing grease won't leak for the most part, and the diff in my situation calls for 400w oil. Someone else here will have more knowledge than me, but hopefully this gets you started. Do you have any pictures of this Oakland that you can post?

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