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Chrysler E65 (1929) Serial Number plate

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My Chrysler E65 (1929) renovation is almost finished, I am to finish some small details but the biggest difficulty is administrative paper !

In order to get Chrysler administration paper to drive my Chrysler on the road, administration ask me a picture of my Serial Number plate.

However the problem is I don't have this part.

I do not have the FEDCO plate, a solution can be to make a new one, for example like they used on a 1925 Chrysler on the firewall but I need a model !

Does anyone have a part SN plate not in use?


Thank you




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Hi Sasha,

thanks for the link !

Just to inform you except administrative paper, electrical circuit is still under renovation on the car and I asked someone to get the hood (soft top) renovated as well.

My car is already painted, as soon as soft top will be installed I will post picture.


Thanks again to the community!


Ludovic and Alain

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Hi Alain

Some where in my parts stash I have an actual dashboard fedco serial number cast for a 1929 Chrysler 65. If this is what you are looking for I will spend some time to try to find it. It was removed from the car dashboard when I parted out the car many years ago. I don't believe that the fire wall serial number plate shown above was used till 1930, and then it was mounted on the right door post. Let me know if you are interested.


Rick VanOene

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That's great gentleman, I'm sure Alain would prefer an original FEDCO badge to finish off his car, please be patient as Alain lives over in France and relies on his son or son inlaw to translate for him but I'm sure he'll be over the moon with this news.

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Hi there,

thanks for the reply.

As mention by Sasha39 I am Ludovic living in France and Alain (Chrysler owner) is my father in law living in France as well, but at 900 km from my house!

This is the reason why you find signature as Ludovic, Alain or Ludovic & Alain. Finally it is only me (Ludovic) who write message, and sometime Alain is using Google translate to read but prefers my translated email !

I am his official translator so before posting I need his directive ! And sometimes he is too busy or directive are not clear but 🤫 !

All these reasons make my replies sometimes a bit long.


As I was thinking, it is a great opportunity to get original FEDCO serial number if you don't use it anymore.

Alain is very interested.

It is possible to get picture and a price ?


Best regards



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 Not wanting to cause any problems here ....    If  anyone still needs model 65 FEDCO badges I have a couple in useable condition.

One is LLI8IW     and the other looks like LS??5L. Can post pictures later if needed.

Happy to part with them, PM if interested.

Cheers Mark


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