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hi... I have a problem with the rollers on the upper track being stuck. While I had the pieces out to change the motor I noticed the 2 upper rollers would not roll. I tried lithium grease and a thicker grease with no results. Went ahead and put things together while using a liberal amount of grease in the rail they ride in. Window struggles going up around half way. Does anyway know if you can get replacement rollers?

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There is only one way to reliably fix window regulators. 


Pull everything out - complete regulator and the tracks the rollers ride in. (Hopefully bolted to the door sometimes welded)  

Clean and limber up everything - the pivot in the regulator, the rollers on the stems, The tracks in the door and bottom of the glass. Scrape out all the old grease, wire brush until clean. Verify that everything moves, slides and spins easily.   (I once had a car where the two rollers were so stuck to the pin that they needed a channel locks and complete destruction to break them free from the regulator - and replacement of course) 

If power, remove the motor from the gear box, clean out all the old grease and re-lubricate with new grease. (P/W gear boxes use heavier grease than lithium) 


THEN reinstall everything. 

Whatever was lubricating the window mechanism is now 20, 30, 40, 50+ years old. Would you ever expect to operate the engine trans or differential with 40-50 year old lubrication??  Your window mechanisms deserve the same respect.  

Yes R&R the door mechanisms can be frustrating and tedious but that is probably because you have not done it before. 

While you are in there it is also a good idea to remove, clean and re-lube ALL the other latches and pivots too. Well worth the time, you will see a real difference when you are done. 

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