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I have a 47 Super 8 ,2 door straight 8 ,3 speed. Can anyone give me some input on it.  Curious what it’s worth  it runs I just gave it a tune up and rebuilt the carb. It needs ties and the brakes need some cleaning up from it sitting for years. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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 Looks to be a nice driver condition car. Need many more photos for evaluation as to condition inside and out. As far as value many things must be accounted for.

Would be worth a great deal for you to drive and have fun with.  With it running it is a plus. Tires and brakes a negative. Are you are planning on selling it? Location is a consideration. I find that many may be interested, only they are 2,000 miles away. Each Buick I had ben interested in was usually in California Arizona or Oregon. Thousands of miles away... The one I finally bought was 28 miles away from me in PA! 

 Need a ballpark location for interest.


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Love that belt line trim that runs from front to back, what a nice detail. 


Looks like a car that would be a great driver, my experience is that regardless of makes with more panache, nothing drives as nicely nor as smoothly as a Buick.


Someone needs to love this car, and I'm sure they will...

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